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Images of our last Jazz Up In The Sky UAM Fundraiser.


Enjoy a view of the Manhattan skyline, Brooklyn and Queens atop our 12 story building. Flushing House is a not for profit retirement community located in the heart of the city. Click below for more info.

It is not what can music do, the question is, "what CAN'T music do?" Those who can not walk dance, those who can not speak sing. This is the miracle of music. The conduit to the soul, God's invisible magic swirling around us. We invite you to take a journey with us as we celebrate living, diversity, culture and the arts here at Flushing House up on our glass encased rooftop solarium. Watch the sun set over the greatest city in the world while indulging in food, music and friendship.

A Community Cultural Oasis In Queens New York


Are you an artist or do you know an artist looking to showcase him or herself at one of our events? Reach out to our Programs director by clicking the link below.

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The most important human experience.

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